2019 Campus Technology Impact Awards: Call for Entries

Date/Deadline: 15 Apr, 2019

Have you made your mark on the practice of technology in higher education?The Campus Technology Impact Awards will honor exemplary colleges and universities that are making an extraordinary impact with technology on campus, doing important work in the service of teaching, learning, administration and operations. Their goal is to highlight projects both cutting-edge and well established, large and small, that have had the greatest impact on the institution and on the higher education community. For each winning project, they will recognise the institution, the project lead and the technologies involved in making the initiative a success. The awards are open to both US and international entries, and multiple submissions are welcome. There is no entry fee. Winners will be announced on their website on Aug. 1, 2019.

Entries will be reviewed by their Impact Award Judging Committee of higher ed tech leaders. Final winners will be selected by their expert team of editors. Projects will be judged on their scale, uniqueness and impact, with a particular focus on the ways they are making a difference both to the institution and to higher education in general.

Winners will be recognised with:

– An Impact Awards feature in our digital magazine
– An in-depth project profile in one of our e-newsletters and on their website

They are seeking impactful projects in the following categories:

– Teaching and Learning (including, but not limited to: learning design/instructional design; immersive technologies; social software, Web 2.0; mobile learning; teaching in the smart classroom; collaboration tools; student assessment; student ePortfolios; lecture capture; eLearning)
– Student Systems and Services (including, but not limited to: technology for career services; advising/online advising; technology for housing; physical security and emergency planning; eTextbooks/bookstore; instructional resources and library services; recruitment/eRecruitment)
– Administration (including, but not limited to: student lifecycle management; admissions; constituent relationship management; retention; ERP; business intelligence; institutional advancement and development; eProcurement; portals; technology leadership and program development)
– IT Infrastructure and Systems (including, but not limited to: learning management systems; collaboration technologies and environments; learning space design/architecture/smart classrooms; classroom management and control systems; data security and authentication; networking; SaaS and cloud computing; telecommunications; digital repositories/digital libraries; high-performance computing; green technologies; disaster recovery and business continuity; help desk)
– Education Futurists (including, but not limited to: visionary learning technology development; new program development; institutional reformation; trend spotters: technology and society)
– If a project spans more than one category, choose the category that best describes the innovation. Campus Technology may reassign entries to a different category if deemed appropriate.

Submit your nomination by April 15!

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