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Four Tips to Kickstart Your Social Enterprise Journey

There has never been a better time to start that social enterprise you have been thinking about. If the global pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that there is no time like the present to follow your dreams and do what you have always wanted.

By starting a social enterprise, you have the potential to make a big difference in the world around you. Your impact might be at a local, national or even international level. Unlike any other business, a social enterprise is a mission-based enterprise. For example, a portion of your profits might be put towards a cause that you and others support, which in turn gives your customers a perfectly good reason to purchase from you.

As a university, Australian Catholic University`s (ACU) core mission is to stimulate impact that serves the common good. As the saying goes, you are what you eat, so join us and eat away at your words and take the leap into your social enterprise journey.  

Start Learning

Let`s start with the top and, without being biased, the most important resource of all, ACU’s Social Enterprise Series. ACU could not have partnered with a better facilitator than StartSomeGood, which was built on the foundations of giving future changemakers the tools and support they need to make a difference. Social Enterprise Series’s ten-week in-depth learning program will provide you with the practical guidance and tools to kick start and keep your social enterprise thriving. There is also $10,000 up for grabs to put towards your social impact project.

Find the Money

39% of business owners use their personal cash to start, and the rest, well, they have to beg, borrow and (hopefully not) steal to get their first injection of funding. The good news is that there is an ever increasing number of funding opportunities available for those looking to start or grow a social enterprise. So back yourself and find the funding you need to kickstart and supercharge your social enterprise. That’s why resources like Social Change Central are so helpful – it’s our go-to for finding funding opportunities.

Make Connections

The candle of hiding at home and not making those human connections has almost completely burnt out, so it’s time to get back on the horse. Networking in person and connecting with others face-to-face.

Australia’s social enterprise sector is exploding with events, meet-ups, and networking talks. Getting out there and connecting with like-minded folks is an essential activity for a social entrepreneur, building a great network and being part of the community. There is so much on offer! Our pick of the bunch is The Social Enterprise World Forum in Brisbane later this year.

Stay Informed

Make sure you follow the right people on social media and subscribe to informative resources. The world is swarming with people who claim to know and have fool-proof methods for you and your social enterprise, so make sure you do your research. Some great hashtags to online forums to follow are #socialimpact #socimp #socialenterprise #socent #purpose #impact #socinn #switch2good.

Find out more about the Social Enterprise Series and sign up for free for upcoming sessions here. Participants will be encouraged to put their newly learned skills to work by crafting a video pitch for the chance to win the Social Enterprise Award – $10,000 to kickstart your project. The Social Enterprise Series cost is 100% subsidised, and is open to university students, staff, and the broader community, with topics delivered via livestream to a national audience.

Guest post by Tayana Grundy, ACU Co-Lab
Jay Boolkin
Jay Boolkin

I'm passionate about positive social change and the power of social entrepreneurship to tackle some of the world’s biggest problems. I believe that for-purpose business models can become part of the mainstream and I am enthusiastic about advocating for business models that are genuinely built around a social or environmental mission.

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