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22 Podcasts Every Social Entrepreneur Should Be Listening to During the Coronavirus Pandemic

For many, right now is the perfect time to start in on a new podcast—or five. Chances are you’re up to date on whatever you already listen to (if you haven’t started going through the back catalog again) and could probably use a fresh voice, topic, or a mix of both. Seeing as there are over 850,000 podcasts (with something like 30 million episodes) out there, if you’re in need of some guidance or inspiration as you try to change the world we guarantee there are at least fifty podcasts about it. And with new episodes coming out all the time (especially now, when people are cooped up and looking for creative outlets), there’s no shortage of inspiration and ideas. 

Whether you’re a seasoned social entrepreneur with several social impact tricks up your sleeve or just someone ready to tune into all-things social change, here are 22 podcasts to get you through your COVID-19 lockdown isolation.

Impact Boom

Podcast | Website

Our friends at Impact Boom scour the globe to find inspiration in the people and stories that define positive impact. From stories about advocacy and policy to investing tips, social entrepreneurs of all shapes and sizes will find something to listen to here.

Disruptors for GOOD 

Podcast | Website

Produced by Causeartist, Disruptors for GOOD takes listeners around the world to explore social entrepreneurship. The breadth of topics keeps this podcast interesting, as host Grant Trahant does one-on-one interviews with changemakers in sustainable travel, impact investing, and ethical fashion brands—to name just a few. 

ChangeMakers Podcast


ChangeMakers Podcast is exactly that, a podcast dedicated to sharing stories of some of the 140 million changemakers around the world. Dr. Amanda Tattersall interviews people all around the globe, sharing nuggets of wisdom along with hopes, fears, and regrets. 

Inspiring Social Entrepreneurs


Fergal Byrne has spent more than two decades writing about business entrepreneurship. With a goal to spread the word about social entrepreneurship around the world, Byrne interviews successful changemakers, sharing their inspiring stories with many in the social impact world who feel bogged down by limited resources and challenging environments. 

The Social Enterprise Podcast


The Social Enterprise Podcast is presented by the President and CEO of FINCA International, Rupert Scofield. Monthly podcasts explore different facets of the social entrepreneurship world—from starting an organisation to running it effectively. Established social impact workers share their experiences and insight. 

Social Entrepreneur

Podcast | Website

Hosted by Tony Loyd, author of Crazy Good Advice: 10 Lessons Learned from 150 Leading Social Entrepreneurs, Social Entrepreneur connects with underrepresented voices from all around the world. Listeners will hear stories of hope and resilience—and who couldn’t use some of that right now?

Conscious Chatter

Podcast | Website

What we wear matters—and host Kestrel Jenkins has created an inclusive audio space to discuss just that. Opening up the door to conversations around clothing, impact, and stories, Jenkins welcomes people from all around the world to discuss how we can create positive change in the fashion industry.   

Green Dreamer

Podcast | Website

Kamea Chayne explores issues of dehumanisation and environmental degradation so that listeners can be reminded of the things that matter most. Each episode will bring diverse voices from around the globe, all with one mission—true abundance and wellness for all. 

Be Your Change Podcast

Podcast | Website

Did you know that only 5% of online audio content is produced by women? Host Juliette Roy is trying to change that. The Be Your Change Women Podcast is amplifying the voices of women changemakers from around the world. Hear stories of how women-centered solutions are contributing to a more inclusive, sustainable, and equitable world. 

Inside Social Innovation

Podcast | Website

Stanford Social Innovation Review ( has been a well-known name in the social impact world for years. The podcast is a mix of talks and lectures given by social change leaders from around the world. With topics including storytelling, scaling, and strategy, this is a great source of information and insight for any changemaker. 

The Talkin’ Impact Podcast

Podcast | Website

The University of Northampton’s Innovation Centre shares all things social innovation. Host Professor Richard Hazenberg joins guests from around the globe to talk about how they’re delivering impact in their respective communities. 

Social Minds – Social Media Marketing Answered

Podcast | Website

Brought to you by Social Chain Agency, Social Minds is a social media marketing podcast. Each episode welcomes leaders in all sectors to learn about how social media is impacting every corner of the business world. If you find yourself bamboozled by marketing jargon, this is the podcast for you. 


Podcast | Website

Host Paul Zelizer focuses on the intersection between conscious business, social impact, and awareness practice. With an aim to inspire hope and share ways to boost social impact, each episode includes a deep dive interview with a variety of thought leaders around the globe.  

Impact Hustlers

Podcast | Website

Hosted by Maiko Schaffrath, this podcast is for any entrepreneur with a goal to solve some of the world’s biggest problems. Every episode features unique voices from around the world and stories of how impact can be connected with profit and how some of the world’s largest social and environmental problems can be solved with entrepreneurship. 

Humans of Purpose

Podcast | Website

These weekly conversations feature conversations between host Mike Davis and a variety of guests. Past discussions have featured topics like purpose and career journey—with all of them centred around social impact. Tune in to hear how individuals in the government, not for profit, social enterprise, and business sectors incorporate purpose into their lives.

The Good Business Podcast

Podcast | Website

Hosted by The Blue Tribe Company, The Good Business Podcast gives listeners a view of how and why to transform ideas into something that will make the world a better place. Guests come from all around the world and with a variety of stories and experiences, these conversations will inspire social entrepreneurs of all types. 

Globalactive – The Neohumanist Postcapitalist Podcast


Host Karun Cowper brings together diverse voices to discuss the resources available for addressing some of the challenges faced by contemporary society. From filmmakers to scholars to technology leaders, Globalactive nurtures a virtual community of individuals and networks. 

Social Change Leaders

Podcast | Website

Inspiring changemakers from around the world, hosts Stephanie Malon-Rufi and Traci Warnberg-Lemm discuss actionable ideas and inspirational stories with thought leaders on the front lines. If you’re ready to re-energise your impact aims, this is the podcast for you. 

Futures Collective

Podcast | Website

Futures Collective is dedicated to empowering young people with meaningful skills. And their podcast does just that. Changemakers around the world share stories, skills, and experiences that motivate, inspire, and educate listeners everywhere.  

The Next System Podcast

Podcast | Website

The Next System Podcast releases biweekly discussions with academic leaders, political leaders, and members from the business and grassroots sectors. All of the talks are focussed on the models and movements that will lead the way to a new system.

ABCD On The Go

Podcast | Website

If community development and social impact are your thing, have a listen to what host Dimitrios Papalexis discusses with guests. He’s regularly joined by leaders of youth-driven initiatives and community organisations who are doing some amazing passion-driven work. 

The Ocean Impact Podcast

Podcast | Website 

Follow along with co-founders Tim Silverwood and Nick Chiarelli as they launch the Ocean Impact Organisation and pursue their mission to create an abundant and sustainable ocean through inspiration, innovation, leadership and good business. 

What We Don’t Know Podcast (WWDK)

Podcast | Website

This podcast follows social issues and global movements from a unique perspective. Xander Schultz chats with activists, ChangeMakers, thought leaders, social entrepreneurs, and journalists so they can shed light on the issues that define our time.

We’re pretty confident that once you listen to one (or all!) of these podcasts you’ll be bursting with ideas and inspiration. With a reignited commitment to social impact, keep that momentum going by joining a community of committed changemakers like you. A Social Change Central Membership will not only allow you to contribute to Australia’s social enterprise ecosystem, but will also keep you up-to-date on any relevant opportunities.  

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